Cultural Arts Initiative

Organized by participants from different areas of the community, and in cloes cooperation with the Ti-Alliance, the cultural arts initiative is focused on bringing cultural and art related events to Ticonderoga.  The Cultural Arts Initiative has been responsible for Cultural Arts Week, The Summer Music Series, and the performance of the Lake Placid Sinfonietta.  An upcoming mural contest aims to liven a portion of downtown Ticonderoga and provide an appealing visual reflecting Ticonderoga's history and natural scenic beauty.

 While still in a phase of infancy, the Cultural Arts Initiative has already provided impressive progress.  The opening of The Downtown Gallery hopes to set the framework for eventual art walks in the community, eventually involving local buisinesses and locations.  The initiative will provide a strong sense of social infrastructure with an emphasis on building local support for the arts and the unique culture in the Ticonderoga area.

In addition to the great events that have been scheduled through the summer, the Ticonderoga Alliance has also opened The Downtown Gallery, an art gallery located at 199 Montcalm Street in the former location of Curves, displaying many local area artists.  The Alliance is also planning a Mural Contest which will help restore artistic beauty to the side of the barber shop next to Jay's Sunoco. We are currently looking for applicants who possess the creative and artistic drive to help revitalize Ticonderoga in a very visible way.  Visit the page for The Downtown Gallery and the Mural Contest below!


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The Ti-Alliance is a not-for-profit, local development corporation whose mission it is to restore economic prosperity in the Ticonderoga region by serving as a clearinghouse for innovative ideas and resources, and a catalyst for public-private partnerships and investment opportunities.


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